Below is a copy of http://shu8.github.io/SE_Notifications/:

Stack Exchange Notifications

This userscript will make HTML5 notifications popup when something happens on a question that you have open in a different tab. This is useful for keeping track of events without having to keep going back to see whether a new comment has been added, or an edit has been made. Inspired by this question on Meta.SE.

How to use

  • You need an access token. Get one here
  • Install Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome). These are userscript managers and allow the script to make use of GM_* functions, which it relies on to save your access token
  • Install the script: Install or View source

What events cause a notification?

  • A new comment will make a notification displaying the comment (uses the API to get the new comment, hence the access token requirement)
  • A new edit will notify you an edit has been made
  • A new answer will notify you it has been added
  • Accepts/unnaccepts will notify you the action has taken place
  • Score changes to any posts will notify you there has been a score change


  • Thanks to everybody's efforts at Meta.SE to document the Web Sockets that Stack Exchange uses. This userscript uses these sockets to find out if there has been a new event. Go upvote them here!
  • Your browser needs too support Web Socket and HTML5 notifications for this to work
  • This userscript needs an access token because it uses the API to get the 'new comment' and display it to you in the notification; without an access token, you'd probably end up making too many calls and get blocked for a day!

Bugs & Feature-requests

Please post any bugs or feature requests at the GitHub rep, where I will watch and try my best to add the feature/fix the bug :)

  • This interferes with at least some SOX features. For example, the patch for padding content on the Fix Top Bar feature doesn't work with this enabled.
    – fixer1234
    Commented Oct 3, 2016 at 0:31


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