Very good. I've been looking for something simple like this for a while. Thanks. As potential future features; Growl integration would be great An option to temporarily disable notifications (i.e. when you want to get some work done and don't want to get distracted by revisiting your answers etc!) A 'run on startup' option Maybe have the default menubar ...


I like the current logos of SENotifier, but, I was bored, and decided to have a go at making some SENotifier logos as well. And, well, here they are! Tell me if you like them, or any comments! I don't know if the pictures will keep their formatting, though. Oh well. 1). (.png) 2.) (.icns)


Any way of porting this to iOS?


I added support for OSX Notification Center and made a pull request.


I really like this too. It is great! I second @pastylegs' comment. Growl notifications would be very nice. I also wanted to add another comment. If you look at the SE inbox on the actual website, you'll notice that it displays past, read notifications: It would be nice to have several (maybe 5 or so) read notification in the menu bar. I find myself going ...


Er… I’m sorry, but I don’t speak robot. I know enough about computers to get by, more than most civilians, but I was wondering if you could dumb the answer to my problem a lot for me please? The SENotifier for OX was working perfectly until today, when I took my computer away from my house, and wifi. I’m not sure if disconnecting from the internet had ...


I've been recently running into a problem with SENotifier where it updates when a message is directed at me, but it always shows an old message rather than the lastest message.


Bug report here. It's not working on CoreDuo MBP/10.6.8 I suppose because it's 64-bit only but you didn't mention system requirements anywhere here.


I think I managed to find what I was looking for. After doing some research in here, on stackapps.com, I have finally found what I was looking for, namely an easy way to get notified about new answers, posts and/or comments for the topics that I am interested in, topics listed on all sites from StackExchange network. The application is called StackTracker ...


feature-request I'd like to request that the app detects when night mode is enabled under general system preferences and switches the icon to a white color. This is what the icon currently looks like: ... too dark. :( I also created issue #26, on GitHub, for this.


Version 1.3 Update I have updated all the icons to make it look much better. You can check out the source code and download the DMG here: https://github.com/josephyoon/senotifier


I have forked your source code, and enabled Retina display support. I have also recreated all the icons. Check it out on GitHub.


This is an awesome app, great job. But I think you forgot to make the extra text after "Check Now" change white when you hover over it, see: I'm not a Mac App Developer (not yet, anyway) so I don't know if it is possible to change that but I just wanted to let you know about that.

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