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Questions about (user)script support, or using the API from userscripts.   If you are announcing or posting a userscript, use the "script" tag instead.

This tag is for questions about (user)script support. Normally, use it in conjunction with the tag. (See the current list of required tags.)

Use the tag only if you are announcing or posting a userscript that is meant to be used on Stack Exchange sites or that uses the Stack Exchange API.

See this moderator's post for more about the difference between this tag and the tag.

Userscripts are primarily JavaScript extensions for web browsers. See the userscripts wiki on Stack Overflow.
The common Greasemonkey script is a type of userscript.

The Stack Exchange API works well with userscripts since:

  • It has good cross-domain support
  • All transactions are made via HTTP GETS and POSTS.
  • Data is (usually) JSON encoded
  • There is a handy JavaScript Authentication SDK

See, also, the script tag wiki.