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Getting "application not configured for implicit grants" error trying to setup website

Yes, it can be annoying that the API docs, the javascript SDK, and the settings pages use the terms: "Explicit" "Implicit" "Server side" "Client side" a little interchangeably. (The first 2 are ...
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Stack.PHP - Powerful and Extensive Library for Accessing the Stack Exchange API - Including Full Support for v2.0.

bug support @Nathan Osman, I have been trying to get authentication working with your library (which is very useful BTW). However, whenever I use the explicit flow I end up with an error on the stack ...
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access_token not present in /oauth/access_token response

Unpack response content with $response->getBody()->getContents(). use GuzzleHttp\Client; Route::get('/approve', function () { header('Location:
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Unable to decode HTML entities in the API response?

Several things: The problem is not HTML entities, it is that the API always returns compressed data. Don't try to use file_get_contents() for that. Use cURL, but note that using cURL with HTTPS is ...
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