Are they moved to filters? Yes, you need to generate a filter that includes the question.body, question.comments, and question.answers fields. There are shorthand filters (i.e. _bca) that will do this for upgrade compatibility, but their use is discouraged and you're better off just making a filter that contains exactly what you want anyway.


You have 2 questions: "How do I exclude records based on the presence of a certain field?" Answer: The API will not do this for you; your code must filter out these results. "(How do I ) return only open questions?" Answer: Use the /search/advanced route. Exclude records where field is present: The API does not do this for any field, and seems unlikely ...


The inname parameter restricts the results of a name search to only those that contain the specified substring. The following methods support it: /badges /badges/name /badges/tags /users /tags /tags/required /tags/moderator-only filtering on badge, user, or tag names, as applicable.

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