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API "Hello World" code

Python: Below is python code to get minimal info results. See bottom on how to run. import requests BASEURL = "" params = { "site" : "...
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API "Hello World" code

JavaScript: Here is a bare-bones javascript, and you can run it from the console of decent modern browsers. It returns the 5 most recently active economics questions, tagged inflation: fetch ( '...
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Stack Exchange API in Chrome extension

I've built an extension that uses StackExchange API using OAuth2 flow. I did not use the JS SDK and did it manually instead. Here is how I did it: function auth(sendResponse) { const scope = '...
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Getting started: /users/{id}

I am trying to get the amount of reputation that a user has how to handle the response (or get one) from a script You can do this with a Bash command that you can then embed in a script. Here's how: ...
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