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For questions about testing apps, scripts or libraries that use the Stack Exchange API and/or integrate otherwise with the site.

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My app has to be published first? But it's still under development

Okay, I want to build an App that allows me to create questions on Stack Exchange. I registered it here on Stack Apps but now when I want to create a question I get this message: { "error_message": ...
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Can we get a sandbox please?

I think that we should have some sort of a sandbox site where we can post questions, answers and comments in a controlled environment. Currently I'm working with Stack Overflow but I can't post "...
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How can I get unread messages for inbox testing? [duplicate]

I use /users/{id}/inbox/unread method to get unread items in a user's inbox. But how could I test it if I have no unread items in my inbox? How can I get/generate unread messages for testing? P.S. ...
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