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Questions tagged [quota]

For questions about the maximum number of API calls per day, AKA 'quota'; 300 for unregistered apps, and 10000 for registered apps (per user when using personalized access tokens, per app otherwise).

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How API Keys Work (FAQ)

What are the API request limits? A single IP address can only make a certain number of API requests per day, depending on the presence of a valid API key. Default API daily limits: Key: 10,000 No Key:...
13 votes
2 answers

Why is my API quota not resetting after UTC reset?

According to How API Keys Work, the default daily API limit -- which is per site, per day -- is 300. I started with 300, as expected, but over a period of days, I've noticed that the remaining quota ...
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How can I get the access token to use the StackOverflow Rest API as an authenticated user?

I am trying to understand how the StackOverflow Rest API auth works. Just created an app to get an access token, Would like to use this token to increase my rate limit per day.
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8 votes
1 answer

How to make a Stack Exchange API call, using my key

I have a Meteor application and I'm making API calls like: var urlString = ""+surl; ("GET", urlString, {params:{site:"stackoverflow"}}, function (...
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Why has my daily quota increased from 10k to 2 billion?

I'm using the Stack Exchange API with an access token and API key, and I was just checking my remaining quota. According to the documentation, this should be a number (somewhat) lower than 10,000, ...
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Is the Stack API daily quota of 10,000 a hard limit, or can it be increased?

We are developing an indexer that will be used to store and serve up questions/answers related to our products. The indexer uses a key (and soon an access_token) to retrieve the data from Stack ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to get an API key without registering an application?

How can I get an API key for doing 10K daily requests, without registering an application? Because I only use a script for my Social Network analysis project.
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3 votes
0 answers

Browsing method documentation consumes 4 quota units per page

Is it my imagination (scratch that, it's definitely not), or does simply browsing method doc pages (without using the "Run" function) consume quota? From Bash using httpie and jq (on a ...
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2 votes
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When does API quota reset?

I had a program consuming Stack Overflow API quota (10,000 per day) last night across midnight. This morning I checked, and my quota has not been set back to 10,000. Is this normal? If yes, when does ...
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2 votes
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quota_remaining is decreasing much faster than expected

I registered an app and tried to make a couple of requests via Chrome (without actually creating any application yet). The thing that is really confusing is that with making a single request, ...
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How to increase the allowed number of API calls?

Stack Exchange provides the possibility to do a limited number of API calls per day from the same IP (10,000 if the customer registers the app). Is it possible to get that number increased?
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1 answer

If a client authenticates, will API requests be counted on their profile?

For example, let's say client X signs into an app that I made. My servers get an access_token which I can then use to send requests on their behalf, for example reading their reputation history. By ...
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1 answer

How to pass the api client credentials for stackexchange api in python [duplicate]

I am trying to make a console based client, that consumes the stackexchange api. I have done the registration of my app, in order to enjoy higher quotas and received the necessary keys. My problem is,...
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What is the root cause for too many request issue?

I am getting the following error when importing questions under a particular tag name: {"error_id":502,"error_message":"too many requests from this IP, more requests available in 56100 seconds"...
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