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Markdown is a lightweight, plain-text, markup language. It is used across the entire Stack Exchange network for post formatting (Questions, answers, wikis, chat) and comment formatting.

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<kbd>, Superscript and Subscript, markup shortcuts

About: This script adds buttons and keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to add/remove: <kbd> tags Superscripts and subscripts <del> tags <br> tags &emsp; when editing posts. ...
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Convert share links to markdown [title](url)

v1.4     Share post links with markdown Replaces the original URL shown by the share link dialog and converts http://share-url to [question-title](http://share-url). The script opens with Markup as ...
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Get Comment markdown, copy comment code to clipboard

About: This userscript adds flyover buttons to every comment to fetch that comment's code (markdown). Reference this post, and this post on Meta Stack Overflow. Features: The markdown is paste-...
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Stack Exchange References

Stack Exchange References What is it? Stack Exchange References is a userscript for easily putting in references in answers and questions. Description In the top bar of any answer or question on SE,...
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Comments are returning markdown.

Look at the output of the following: Output: { "comment_id": 12713, "creation_date": 1289269467, "owner": { "user_id"...