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JSON is a text-based open standard. It is human-readable and used for data interchange between applications. Use this tag for questions related to topics about using JSON.

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JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 3 column 1 (char 3)

I am trying the following simple code to get JSON from the Stack Exchange API and it gives me the following error: JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 3 column 1 (char 3) Here is my script: ...
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1 answer

Items response empty after article POST request

I'm trying to post an article using StackExchange's Teams API then try to pull that new article's id from the API response. The article gets posted but the items field is empty : {"items":[],...
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Ability to support json type for post request

Right now we it uses url encode to post authenticated request. Maybe an option for application json?
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Array boolean values are returning empty

I am trying to convert a JSON array to a PHP array, and the boolean values are being lost. I think I need to loop round using foreach() and cast the items as they are placed in to the new array, but I ...
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Byte Order Mark suddenly appearing in query results

Query results seem to have started including BOMs sometime today. I had to add code to handle it. I don't see this documented anywhere.
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3 votes
1 answer

Java exception when user age or location is unspecified in returned JSON

I am brand new to the Stack Exchange API and Android (well, self taught in the last four months). I have been working on creating a school project focused around Android and JSON. My initial idea was ...
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2 answers

Get API responses in formats other than JSON

I am working on an application which uses the Stack Exchange API. But I don't want responses in JSON format. So, if I want to convert JSON to another format like XML, is there any way to get the ...
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json with list of all user's on stackoverflow

I am trying to get the list of all user's in JSON format (as provided by the API) (using jQuery jsonp) What I found is: pagesize – The number of collection results to display during pagination. ...
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JSON parsing, won't work

I'm using the Stack Apps API. Retrieving questions by tags works well, and the JSON is returned. Now I need to parse the JSON and there is something wrong with my code: $.ajax({ url: 'http://api....
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String formatting in returned JSON objects

So I sat down this evening to play with the Stack Exchange API. I downloaded RestSharp, and used it to call the API. One thing the struck me was how strings are formatted, with regards to non-ASCII ...
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What's the best way to get all available data related to a user's reputation?

I'm looking for the best way to get a full list of every event which has caused a user's reputation to change, It could look like: timestamp,reputation_change,object_uri 2011-01-25 14:58:27Z,10,/ajax/...
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Stack Cartographer - A PHP tool for generating a JSON map of the Stack Exchange API.

About After the JSON documentation for the Stack Exchange API was dropped for v2.0, I began to wonder if it would be possible to throw together a PHP script that did a bit of screen-scraping to ...
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Making use of the *"has_more": true* json attribute in the Json response from stackoverflow

When issuing requests to the stackoverflow-api, I set the pagesize to a 100 (which is the maximum possible). However, some json responses contain this attribute (normally at the very bottom): "...
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6 votes
2 answers

OR operator for StackOverflow API

I'm trying to get a list of questions from the SO API for a number of tags, At the moment I am using the ; operator to separate the tags in the URL but the thing is this only brings up questions that ...
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2 votes
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Any guarantees on JSON string encoding?

According to the JSON specification, JSON can be returned in one of five string encodings: UTF-8 (the default encoding) UTF-16 Little Endian UTF-16 Big Endian UTF-32 Little Endian UTF-32 Big Endian ...
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Stacky JSON error

I'm trying to use Stacky to grab a question from Stackoverflow, however I always an error. The error thrown is: JsonReaderException was unhandled - Unexpected character encountered while parsing ...
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Getting garbage on requests

Not exactly sure how or why, but many times when I try and preview some URL, I get garbage. This has happened on several JSON preview websites as well as on my browser. Strangely this isn't all the ...
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Get user data using curb/Curl in Ruby

I am trying to get user data in my Rails app. I am doing this: url_so = "" curl = curl.perform data_obj = ...
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Possible Gzip or data format problems when trying to read JSON.

This is a very basic question. I just want to display a test batch of JSON with PHP, but I think I don't have the correct formatting, since the data received looks garbled when outputed, and it causes ...
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Platforms Supported by the API and Response Compression

What platforms are supported for use with the Stack Exchange API? In short, anything that can make a GET request to the API servers and supports JSON/JSONP & GZIP. (JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java, ...
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When API site goes offline, please return a JSON , instead of Stack Overflow alike offline HTML page

I've just noticed that my API queries are failing in JSON parsing, because of API Site shows offline HTML Page. I wish it would return a valid JSON response, instead of HTML Page.
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Am I accessing the API correctly?

When running the code $.getJSON('', function(data) { // Do some stuff here.... }); I get the error Failed to load resource Am I accessing this ...
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