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JSON is a text-based open standard. It is human-readable and used for data interchange between applications. Use this tag for questions related to topics about using JSON.

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Platforms Supported by the API and Response Compression

What platforms are supported for use with the Stack Exchange API? In short, anything that can make a GET request to the API servers and supports JSON/JSONP & GZIP. (JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java, ...
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Byte Order Mark suddenly appearing in query results

Query results seem to have started including BOMs sometime today. I had to add code to handle it. I don't see this documented anywhere.
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Ability to support json type for post request

Right now we it uses url encode to post authenticated request. Maybe an option for application json?
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Array boolean values are returning empty

I am trying to convert a JSON array to a PHP array, and the boolean values are being lost. I think I need to loop round using foreach() and cast the items as they are placed in to the new array, but I ...
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String formatting in returned JSON objects

So I sat down this evening to play with the Stack Exchange API. I downloaded RestSharp, and used it to call the API. One thing the struck me was how strings are formatted, with regards to non-ASCII ...
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Stack Cartographer - A PHP tool for generating a JSON map of the Stack Exchange API.

About After the JSON documentation for the Stack Exchange API was dropped for v2.0, I began to wonder if it would be possible to throw together a PHP script that did a bit of screen-scraping to ...
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