Chrome Canary is only letting me install userscripts from the Chrome Web Store via the one-click route. There is a workaround (drag-drop the script to the Extension page), but it's cumbersome.

This is still in dev/Canary, so they may polish this up/entirely remove it before pushing to beta/stable. Hopefully. Still, we better keep a watch on this--it may be necessary to update the installation instructions on all script pages to include this nit.


Unfortunately the news is bad all around.

Sathya has updated the tag wiki for to include the following paragraph:

As of May/June 2012, Chrome no longer allows for direct installations of off-store extensions. To install them, you'll have to download/save the .user.js file, open chrome://chrome/extensions/ (or Click on Wrench -> Tools -> Extensions & drag the *.user.js file to the Extensions tab. After that, you'll get the prompt to install the extension.

Originally I thought this was a bug and reported it.

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    Don't feel bad for thinking it was a bug; the main issue report on this was filed by a Chromium developer who thought it was a regression :)
    – balpha
    Jun 23 '12 at 9:17
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    One of the comments there really sums up the way I feel: "Perhaps it's time to fork Chromium." :P Jun 23 '12 at 14:44

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