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Tag for questions related to User Flairs which are "a piece of valuable flair™ you can place on any website to show off your user profile!"

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StackFlair - **Defunct** Generate flair for your Stack Exchange associated accounts

Note: This app, and the associated website have been offline since 2012. The GitHub project may still be useful to you. Sample flair styles: About There have been several requests on Meta ...
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Image Based Flair (Downloadable Implementation [v2.1])

Image Based Flair I have created an implementation of flair which generates an image of your current reputation automatically. It is currently using PHP GD. Download Source (Version 2.1 - 2009-08-...
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3 answers

se-flair: HTML combined Stack Exchange site flair

Screenshots Screenshots of some samples: Tooltip with total reputation: Tooltip with specific-site reputation: Live PNG Samples: About se-flair produces combined-account flair in the ...
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OBSOLETE - StackImage - Generating Images of Questions and Users [Now with Global Flair!]

RIP June 23, 2010 - July 4, 2013 All of the features that StackImage provides are either available with the built-in flair on each Stack Exchange site or provided by StackImage's successor: ...
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SEFlair - an HD, customisable flair for your Stack Exchange accounts

Updated to provide an image rather than embedded content: Good looking, higher quality Stack Exchange flairs! About: SEFlair is an HTML, CSS and JavaScript app which you can include on your website. I ...
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(Should we) add [Staff] labels to staff member flairs?

This answer is posted by a staff member, but you have to go to the user's profile to actually see that. Can we add [Staff] labels to staff member flairs like on all meta sites? [♦ Mod] labels aren't ...
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SOREP V2: Ranked Flair Take 2

SOREP V2: Ranked and aggregated flair About SOREP V2 is a flair service that is built upon the StackUser platform that provides ranked flair, both in standard layout and themes as well as custom ...
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Good looking, higher quality Stack Exchange flairs!

Higher quality flair for your Stack Exchange accounts. Want a flair like this? Or this: Or even this? It's easy! Simply use this URL: ...
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IGB Stack Flair – A dynamic flair for Stack Exchange sites

A dynamic flair for Stack Exchange sites inspired by Stack Exchange's native User Flairs. With Advanced Features Including Stack Exchange sites with more than 101 reputation (compared to 200). ...
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StackFlairWidget - OS X Dashboard widget for displaying flair(tm)

Important: BETA introductory version, lots more to come Warning: Beta version does not check empty responses, this version may not work for users without Area 51 accounts Screenshot / Code Snippet ...
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