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Questions tagged [design]

Use either for issues with the design of (HTML/CSS/UI) or for scripts that enhance the design (not features) of Stack Exchange sites. ... Use in conjunction with either the [meta] or the [script] tag.

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Custom Fonts User Script: Revert or Improve the Font Updates

Recently, Stack Exchange decided to switch to system fonts. For those of you who prefered the old appearance, or would like a different font to appear in code blocks or across the site as a whole, ...
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OBSOLETE - Restore syntax highlighting on review and revision pages

Obsolete This script is now obsolete; a permanent fix has been implemented by Stack Exchange. About Some time ago, Stack Exchange moved to highlight.js v11. One of the breaking changes of this ...
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VisualCrumbs - StackExchange Visual Changes

Screenshot / Code Snippet About I created this script because I wanted to customize my personal use of Stack Overflow (And such Stack Exchange sites) to be more visually appealing to me and give me ...
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Bring back the layout!

Important notice: This update to site layout broke a lot of the layout adjusting scripts partially or completely. It affected my script as well - as of now, only pure-CSS adjustments work properly (...
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Alignment issue in the Apps, Scripts tabs

There is an alignment issue in the Apps and Scripts tabs. The user name and the tag are not aligned right indent. Screenshot for reference:
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Old Meta.SE Stars

About This userscript reverts the design of the Meta Stack Exchange buttons: New design: With script: It was inspired by this post on Meta Stack Exchange. Download You can download the script ...
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Hide Recognized Member text from the RM's flairs in the Collectives

About With the launch of Collectives on Stack Overflow, whenever a recognized member post an answer within their respective collective, there will be a "badge" underneath their flair which ...
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Improve design of the Documentation's 404 page

The 404 page of the documentation has a rather awkward design; for example, a different header than other pages, and no footer. Can it be updated?
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Accessibility issue on app registration page

Page containing bug Reproduce the issue Go to the page above. Whether you click on Application Website or Application Icon, it focuses the OAuth domain input. ...
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Userscript to disable responsiveness on SE

I would like to make a user script to disable the responsiveness on Stack Exchange sites. My main reason is that I would like to resize my browser to half my screen size (705px) and still get the ...
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Padding missing between thumbnails and other app/script information

On the Apps and Scripts tabs, the thumbnails and the rest of the information touch each other: This didn't use to be the case, could you please re-add some padding?
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Extension; Access to layout and javascript of stackexchange network site instead of inject (Stacks is not defined)

Note: last update at the end of POST I am developing an extension for community users. Introduction: The extension is under development on this github: and these ...
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StackExchange Hot Network Questions page icon size fix

As you might have noticed, some icons are huge and others are tiny on the StackExchange HNQ page (aka the main page). Here's a userscript that fixes this issue: // ==UserScript== // @name ...
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Stack Apps "Welcome Back" banner text isn't centered

This appear to be specific to Stack Apps. The text is centered on every other site I've tried. See below: Compared to how it should appear:
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