This script is now obsolete; a permanent fix has been implemented by Stack Exchange.


Some time ago, Stack Exchange moved to highlight.js v11. One of the breaking changes of this version was the removal of the HTML auto-passthru, which SE uses to indicate addition/deletion in diffs (that is, nested spans in code elements). As a result, highlighting broke in code blocks for diffs.

The bug was reported on MSO and MSE. A week later, a "hotfix" was pushed which has been out for... 2 months! Essentially, it disabled highlight.js entirely on the pages where there were diffs (revisions and suggested edits).

What is this?

This is a highlight.js plugin. The idea as well as a large part of the code have been taken from this GitHub issue.


From revisions:

Diff highlighting in revisions

From suggested edits:

Diff highlighting in suggested edits


The script is licensed under the GPL-3.0-or-later license.


GitHub | Install


The script should work in most browsers and userscript managers. It has been tested on Chrome using Tampermonkey.


Author: double-beep
Organization: UserScripters

Please, submit bug reports on the source repository.
Before adding a new one, please check if it hasn't been raised before.

You can also drop by to chat, we are a friendly bunch.


Source code written in Vanilla JS.

Contributions are welcome, you can always submit a PR here.


Version Changes
1.2.3 Correctly handle rate-limits
1.2.2 Fetch langdiv on each review item
1.2.1 Run highlightCodeBlocks() on page load for revisions, remove unnecessary .map()
1.2.0 Highlight code in the suggested edits editor
1.1.0 Reduce reliance on Stack Exchange's JS by fetching the preferred language ourselves
1.0.3 Use the selectors Stack Exchange uses
1.0.2 Prevent double-highlighting of some elements, disable unescaped HTML warnings (after request)
1.0.1 Update userscript metadata (@include, @license, @homepageURL and @supportURL)
1.0.0 Initial release


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