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SENotifier, a Stack Exchange inbox notifier for Mac OS X

Screenshot Updates Version 1.1 Added support for Notification Center (10.8 and later) Adjusted menu icon to align better with existing menu items Auto-update is now supported via Sparkle Version 1....
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Is there a Stack Exchange notification app for Windows 7?

Is there a Stack Exchange notification app for Windows 7?
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StackStalker: Be Notified When Your Question Is Updated (Chrome Extension)

StackStalker Monitor any question from any Stack Exchange site and see when it is updated. Latest version: 3.0.2 | Updated: May 5, 2017 Minor bug fix to work on https sites. Rewritten from near-...
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How your app[s] is going?

Do you mind to share your current experience with your live app[s]? Are you still working/updating it? Are you getting traffic/popularity? Got some good review/link from some big fish? In ...
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StackWatcher: Watch Your StackExchange Accounts

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Download StackWatcher StackWatcher is a notification area application that polls all your associated StackExchange accounts for activity, including: Reputation ...
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What's the etiquette for answers/comments on an app "question"?

Since everything I list below could be acceptable when there is so much to discuss, is there an accepted etiquette to what "answers" should address in relation to app "questions"? ...
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Is there an app to monitor reputation and new answers/comments?

Is there a desktop app that will alert me when my reputation changes, and when I have a new answer or comment on any of my questions?
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desktop alert with notificatons whenever a favourite tagged question will be asked

I am using Firefox browser and Ubuntu13.04. I am looking for an app,which will create a desktop alert with sounds,whenever any question included with my listed tags in my favourite list will be asked ...
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Should feature-requests, for third party apps, be flagged as "not an answer"?

I spotted this "answer" as a first-time post: Feature Request Please add support for proxies.... It would be helpful to people behind proxies. Like "ME" I was going to flag it as "Not an ...
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Better way to find activity changes in terms of API Usage

I am coding an application that notifies events in Stack Exchange accounts. I want to notify about badges/reputation changes, and also I would like to notify whenever a new answer or comment is posted ...
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Security certificate error when logging in with myOpenID

I have written an application that embeds the WebKit rendering engine (the same rendering engine used in Safari and Chrome). This application makes use of the /inbox route and therefore requires the ...
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