I spotted this "answer" as a first-time post:

Feature Request

Please add support for proxies.... It would be helpful to people behind proxies. Like "ME"

I was going to flag it as "Not an Answer" (which it wouldn't be on any other, non-meta, site), but it seems like it might be nice to be able to vote on feature requests and Stack Apps doesn't have its own meta.

Searching, there are currently about a dozen "answers" that are little more than feature requests for the app they are posted on.

So can we get a consensus or "official" answer? ...
Should feature-requests, for third party apps, be flagged as "not an answer"?

I couldn't find anything in the FAQ that addressed this, nor any post either here or on the main Meta site.

Note: Per this question, and the moderator's answer, this is the recommended place to ask this kind of question.

  • Update: Such "answers" are now de facto permitted here. NTS: make a proper answer here... Commented Apr 28, 2017 at 9:46

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No, they should not.

We "abuse" the Question and Answer model a bit but what basically happens when you post a question tagged , or , the answers basically can be seen as tickets/issues for the "product" in the question.

It is of course up to the OP if they prefer to use answers for issue tracking and instead defer that to external / proper trackers, like GitHub, Gitlab or Jira. Make that choice explicit in the question.

If you are the OP of a question and use an external tracker, once you captured an issue externally feel free to custom mod flag an answer and ask the mod to clean-up the "issues" you've handled.

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