The change to user profiles discussed in Some changes to the profile while we make it responsive has introduced some empty space. It can be seen directly in Profile page is very empty, revert to old version?. Further development on the change to reponsiveness can be seen in

This script claims the space back.

It will also scrape the user profile's activity pages and insert:

  • Marked with a   "⇑". The most recent/last activity skipping awards.
  • Marked with a   "⇓". The very first activity including an award.
  • Marked with a "⌚". The current time in UTC for easy comparison.

In addition, it

  • Puts the trophies/badges under the "Posts", see What is the new badge UI on the Profile page?.
  • Removes the "Edit profile" quick link at the top right on own profiles, because it's on the "Settings" tab.
  • Reduces the row on tags to the old 1 : 2 : 3 look.
  • Adds a link to the network profile on the Community box.
  • Moves meta posts to the left side column.
  • Puts the meta/main link on the top bar.

Note that, especially on large profiles, it may seem a little slow due to at least trying to avoid rate limits.

From version 2.4 it also adds "profile views" and "Last seen", which is fetched from the Stack Exchange API using /users/{ids}.


Courtesy of Vickel:





Link to network profile:

If there's no "View all" link in the "Communities" header, like in this one:

Upper corner shows a link with the text View all

the script will insert one:

Upper corner shows a link using a Stack Inc logo


There are two variables at the top of the script that controls:

  • Fetching "profile views" and "Last seen". Highlighed in red.
    Turn if off by setting this variable to false: const getCreepyData = false;
  • Getting the first and last activity. Highlighed in blue.
    Turn if off by setting this variable to false: const getActivity = false;



Should work across the Stack Exchange network.

Those include:

However, the "profile views" and "Last seen" on these language sites are displayed in English. If there's a desire to have this displayed in the local language, please contact me for a cooperation on translation and re-work of the script.


Should work with any user script manager & any browser running JavaScript. Tested with:

User script manager Version Browser Version
TamperMonkey 78.0.4093.112 Opera 4.13.6138
Violent Monkey 2.13.0 Firefox 90.0.2

Also tested and works in combination with


GitHub | Install | Tersed/Minified


For bugs, please post here. Comments are fine too.


Vanilla JavaScript



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