Important notice:

This update to site layout broke a lot of the layout adjusting scripts partially or completely. It affected my script as well - as of now, only pure-CSS adjustments work properly (like making use of the full page width). Due to the fact that the team is going to mess with the profile page layout further in the upcoming 6 to 8 weeks, I decided to not fix the broken parts until the layout is stable enough - please bear this in mind if you want to use the script or report an issue. In any case, the script degrades gracefully - you will simply see the new layout instead of some of the adjustments.

Screenshot / Code Snippet

Profile page gap removal (before and after):

profile page with the gap (before) profile page without the gap (after)

Profile page width restriction removal:

profile page full width

Activity tab making better use of screen space:

activity tab full width

Top bar menu stretching the full width of the viewport (before and after):

top menu full width top menu without the userscript


The recent change to the profile page layout in the name of "responsiveness" fails to properly use the screen real estate. Instead of waiting 6 to 8 weeks or the heat death of the universe*, you can use this simple userscript to make things right today.

The userscript is a living project, so more features will be added as we go. Please note that this script does not bring back removed stats, do check out LegacyProfiles - Bringing back the old profile stats if you want them back too.


The script is licensed under the GPL-3.0-or-later license.


Install | Minified

The script doesn't need a userscript manager to work (but includes necessary headers).


Version number means "last tested on":

Chrome Opera Firefox Edge IE
✔ 92.0.4515.107 ✔ 77.0.4054.203 ✔ 89.0 ✔ 92.0.902.55 no

Userscript managers:

Greasemonkey Tampermonkey Violentmonkey
✔ 4.11 ✔ 31 ✔ 2.13.0**

Works well with:

Userscript Features Author Tested Version
Make better use of the space in profiles Restores right sidebar on user profile and adds several UTC-based timestamps Little Nuts 1.1
Legacy Profiles Allows you to see the user creation date, profile view count and when the user was last seen Spectric 1.4

Change log

Version Description
0.11.0 significantly improved fullwidth styling
1.0.0 improved compatibility layer to better align with other userscripts

Changelog prior to the last minor version can be found in the revision history


Author: Oleg Valter
Organization: UserScripters

Please, submit bug reports on the source repository.
Before adding a new one, please check if it hasn't been raised before.

You can also drop by to chat, we are a friendly bunch.


Source code written in TypeScript.

Contributions are welcome, you can always submit a PR here.

* credit goes to Scratte
** thanks to Kevin M. Mansour for testing this out

  • Change the Platform table, I have tested on Firefox 90.0.2. And Violent Monkey 2.13.0.
    – Ghost
    Aug 8, 2021 at 20:31
  • 1
    @KevinM.Mansour oh, I think I need to change the wording rather than the table itself :) What I mean is that support goes as far as meaning it should work on those specific options and higher. Unless you mean the script does not work for you, of course. In any case, thank you for confirming about Violentmonkey! It's been too many managers/browsers to test for me, so I played it safe by specifying that the support for it is unknown Aug 8, 2021 at 20:34


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