When using one of the templates (app/library/script) while writing a question here, the top of the post will contain some HTML comments:

<!-- thumbnail: https://example.com/some-image.png -->
<!-- version: 1.0 -->
<!-- tag: a-tag-on-the-post -->
<!-- excerpt: Up to 200 characters of excerpt -->

They end up producing a nice 'summary' of the app or script on the Stack Apps home page:

enter image description here

However, since the list is quite long, is there a way to search for a particular app or script and view its summary? The search result pages are formatted the same way as other Stack Exchange sites. I've tried adding or but that doesn't magically turn on the 'summary' view (example):

enter image description here

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You can't.

The summary is only visible on Homepage tabs or the /tagged/[tag] endpoint for a few tags.

The following endpoints show the summary in the post list:

The search result page doesn't show the summary which causes that you can't find / filter to just your posts.

Maybe if you or others have time, a user script can add this feature.

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