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Generate StackApps - post generator for userscripts

Tired of writing Stack Apps posts by hand? With Generate StackApps you can focus on what's really important — userscripts and delegate the busywork to automation.

Customizable, short URLs for Stack Overflow profiles

Demo Why When building my personal site, I realised that SO seemed to be one of the (or rather, the only) platforms that didn't allow users to create a short, username-based link — After a quick …

Stack Exchange Global Types - a type declaration package for global objects exposed by Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange global types adds or augments type definitions for global objects exposed by Stack Exchange to aid userscript authors

PLACEHOLDER - App (prod)

The App is for Prod environment Carmin is a video platform of major french Scientific Institutes (IHES, CIRM, IHP, CIMPA) sharing contents from Research (courses, interviews,…

Generate Headers - a utility package for validating and auto generating userscript manager headers

Tired of writing out userscript headers by hand? Of small typos in your @match headers leading to wasted time? Generate Headers to the rescue: this utility package automates header generation for p…

Answerable, a recommender of unanswered questions

Python program that finds unanswered questions on Stack Overflow and sorts them by similarity with the ones you've already answered.

Stack.PY - A Python Module for Accessing the Stack Exchange 2.1 API

Stack.PY is based heavily on Stack.PHP and Stack.JS, taking the chained-method concept and applying it to Python. The end result is an extremely easy to use module, named stackpy: from stackpy impo…

Stack Exchange Dump 2 MySQL - Load the data dump into a database with Python

I created a a utility to load the Stack Exchange data dump into a MySQL database: It is written in Python so it should in theory work on…


Command-line interface for the Stack Overflow community.

v0.0.1-prealpha, tyler2213

Non-English Language Question Analyser

This is a simple Bot which uses Stack Overflow public API and chat to continuously scan new questions and report in chat the ones which are most likely not written in English. This project can be u…

Activating SlackOverflow-ewtan

Up to 200 characters of excerpt

SlackOverflow App

Up to 200 characters of excerpt

PLACEHOLDER - Tag manager

An internal tool for managing and collecting question tags related to other specific tags. It will not be made available to the public.

PLACEHOLDER - Stack Exchange App to build Stack Overflow pack for

Stack Overflow Coda Pack A pack for Stack Overflow integration. It includes formulas, sync tables and actions to fetch useful data and take actions from Stack Overflow API. The pack is not …

PLACEHOLDER - Post for Stack Exchange App

Internal tool for answering questions. Will not be made available to the public.

PLACEHOLDER - Pipedream extension for doing actions on stackexchange

I am using the Stack Exchange API for doing actions on the website which can be performed using a portal I am building which links various other platforms.


Use natural language processing to detect NAAs

PLACEHOLDER - answer_cleanup

Up to 200 characters of excerpt

PLACEHOLDER - test a python script in order to write a inside this post

test a python script in order to write a inside this post

PLACEHOLDER - Stack Exchange API Post

This is a Stack App post. Please do not answer Re-home your Story, or download as JSON

Share the timeline of your work, projects, and more.

PLACEHOLDER - Stackr, a native Client for Stack Overflow

Written in Swift & SwiftUI, may be made public.

Export SO Developer Story to allows you to import your SO Developer Story so you can continue to manage it once SO sunsets this feature. You can import and fully manage your story. You can share (if you want) a pu…

PLACEHOLDER- Post for Stack Exchange App

Internal tool for posting questions. Will not be made available to the public.

PLACEHOLDER - Skipp Bim Ops application post

This is a Stack App post. Please do not answer. This is an internal app for Skipp.

Userstyles to (semi) revert the new Top Questions design

These userstyles attempt to revert the unpopular changes introduced to the Top Questions pages. See Announcement ~ New post summary designs on greatest hits now, everywhere else eventually Source …


This is a Stack App post. Please do not answer

PLACEHOLDER: Typo Finder Bot (Stack Overflow)

This is a post is to announce the development of a bot (which will be running on the account Secretary), whose task is to find posts in need of some formatting/editing help. The goal is to use a co…

placeholder for API key (2020)

placeholder to test app and request api key.

Placeholder App API Testing

Placeholder App API Testing, Placeholder App API Testing, Placeholder App API Testing?

PLACEHOLDER - Stack Overflow integration api

PLACEHOLDER - Stack Overflow integration

PLACEHOLDER - Test write access

Creating a placeholder post for enable access token creation with write access

PLACEHOLDER - Stackoverflow AI

Up to 200 characters of excerpt

PLACEHOLDER - Stack Overflow Near Tips

Near-tips is an app. It allows users to send tips to stack overflow users for good questions, in order to reward them in a decentralized manner.

Is the Stack Overflow App available on iPhone?

There used to be an App of Stack Overflow on iPhone. But I don't find it in the App Store anymore. Is it removed from the App Store?

PLACEHOLDER - only for testing

An app adds additional common tags like testing, automated-tests for testcafe-tagged questions for better discoverability. The app is not yet ready for prime time and is used for internal purposes …

PLACEHOLDER - Stack Overflow integration

PLACEHOLDER - Stack Overflow integration

Post for Stack Exchange API

Screenshot / Code Snippet As an internal enterprise code , this will not be available to the public. About Our application is a Microsoft Internal application used for internal purposes. License No…

Placeholder - Mini-Mod

Mini-Mod is planned to be an app that helps the community moderate content This also has automated features which require write_access This is simply the placeholder which the app will be connected to

PLACEHOLDER Stack Overflow App

StackOverflow desktop app (MacOS, Windows, Linux) IMPORTANT: This app is under development. This is a hobby project so no deadlines, no commercial. Fast, clean, and distraction-free UI Better wysi…

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