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PLACEHOLDER - CoreDump, a macOS desktop SE client

What the app will do: a macOS desktop client app for SE network sites with a clean, minimalistic user interface and potentially some features enhancing the regular SE web-based experience. Written …

PLACEHOLDER - Export to Google Docs™

I'm not considering handling specific questions and comments as it's not publicly available, but I'm open to suggestions. If you have one, leave a comment here. Related StackPrinter: The Stack Exc…

SymbolHound: Search Stack Overflow for special characters

See SymbolHound is was a search engine that doesn't ignore special characters. I was always frustrated that I couldn't search for symbols like >> and && using Google o…

How do we connect an app data to server using api?

I am new to api. I have made some apk apps using mit app inventor. Is it possible to save the user entries to some place online using API. Basically I don't understand how API works. Is it possible…

Area EPITECH Project

Area EPITECH This project is a clone of Make or IFTTT. This project is made with a group of 5 developers. All the developers working on the project are EPITECH students. For the moment, at the midd…

Calling SE APIs with Nushell (basic overview)

While I still prefer a more "traditional" shell for day-to-day use, I'm finding Nushell's structured data capabilities to be a fantastic companion to the SE API (among others). It's been…

OBSOLETE - StackFlair Widget - Highly customizable user flair widget for Android

StackFlair is a highly customizable Android widget which displays your profile information (flair) from any website that is part of the Stack Exchange Network (

v1.0.1, Paul

StackApplet — Bringing Stack Exchange Notifications to Your Desktop [Large scale rewrite in progress]

StackApplet is a small status icon that sits in your desktop's notification area and alerts you to events that happen to your accounts. You will receive notifications about new answers, comments an…

v1.6alpha, Nathan Osman

PLACEHOLDER - sandbox reviews

The App is currently under development and / or only meant for private use. When the author of this App, Script, or Library is ready, they will update this post.

Voting activity tracker v2: check your voting activity on per-site meta!

Monitor your voting activity on per-site metas!

OBSOLETE - Official Stack Overflow iOS App

Stack Overflow is the can’t-code-without-it site where professional and enthusiast programmers ask their toughest questions and get answers from their peers. Learn, share and level up — on the go —…

TrueBadges, a combination of StackExchange badges and TrueAchievements

Know the *real* value of your StackExchange badges

v1.0, A.L

Google Chrome Chat MathJax Extension

Love typesetting? Then i bet you know exactly what MathJax is, but if you don't already know, MathJax is a javascript-based implementation of LaTeX that is compatable with a few different sets of m…

OBSOLETE - StackX - Android application for Stack Exchange (Free) (UI and optimization upgrade)

Update: 4/15/2013: Screenshots updated according to latest layout An android application that will allow the user to browse through all of stack exchange websites using API v2.1. Browse any of…


Provide support for our apps and libs

Placeholder - HeapOverflow

An Android client for Stack Overflow. I have asked this question to get a write access token.

Placeholder - Question for getting access token with write access

I created this question to get an access token with write access.

GitHub Readme Stack Exchange

Dynamically generate a card of your status for any Stack Exchange site!

StackUnify: A community mobile app

Up to 200 characters of excerpt

Toasty: A better chat antifreeze bot

Toasty is an antifreeze bot for the Stack Exchange chat system. It automatically sends messages in low-activity rooms to keep the system from freezing them for inactivity. Toasty is usable by any u…

PyStackAPI - wrapper for the StackExchange API, written in Python

PyStackAPI The latest version - 0.1.1 What is PyStackAPI? PyStackAPI is a modern, 100% typed wrapper for the StackExchange API, written in Python. Documentation You can find documentation here: htt…

Helper module for SE API for Nushell

Following on from Calling SE APIs with Nushell (basic overview), I have developed a helper module for calling SE API's in Nushell. The library itself is short and included in the first answer. Us…

Applications must have a registered Stack Apps post to write. I submited this link for stack apps post

OAuth Domain [email protected] Application Website: Application Icon (optional): '' Stack Apps…

PLACEHOLDER MyTestAPP for Stack Apps API integration

The App is currently under development and/or only meant for private use. When the author of this App, Script, or Library is ready, they will update this post.

PLACEHOLDER - This is a post to register my app

PLACEHOLDER - A post to register my app posting. I am currently testing the app for private/non-profit use. Will update if more information available.


Up to 200 characters of excerpt

PLACEHOLDER - A place holder post for the Gremlify app is a free platform for visualizing and querying graphs using Gremlin. Similar to JSFiddle for JS, Gremlify does the same thing for the Gremlin query language. This app will help the Gr…

PLACEHOLDER - A post to register my app posting

PLACEHOLDER - Just a post to register my app.


I have a web application called forums for which I intend to use stack exchange APIs. The forums application is a private community where the people in my organization post questions, reach out to …

PLACEHOLDER - A post to register my app posting for starknet

This will help get questions asked with tag « Starknet » and send answers from my platform.

stackchat.cpp - a C++20 library for Stack Exchange chat

C++20 library for Stack Exchange chat, with exactly 0 boost. Includes the core framework for bots, including command structures, listeners, etc., as well as base functionality.

stackapi.cpp - a C++20 library for the Stack Exchange API

I needed a (non-boost) C++ API library for Stuff™. So far, I've stuck to a single highly specialised and minimal implementation (that this library is based on), but because I have plans to write an…

PLACEHOLDER - Convert Slack message to StackOverflow question

In open-source communities, users often ask even complex questions in Slack. Slack isn't the best place for asking technical questions. It's not searchable by Google and requires a monthly subscrip…

PLACEHOLDER - My Exciting SX API Experimentation

I'm just starting to experiment with the stack apps api. Mostly, I'm looking at writing some content discovery tools, but it's possible I'll want some form of write access.

Stack Explorer (Android app)

Android app to discover new content in the Stack Exchange network


The App is currently under development and / or only meant for private use. When the author of this App, Script, or Library is ready, they will update this post.


Up to 200 characters of excerpt

PLACEHOLDER - Write api test

I need a way to test the write api so I created this question.

StackStats Chrome Extension (placeholder)

Whether you want to keep track of your statistics or watch for an update on a post you've made, you'll be able to do it all with StackStats


Internal and external tool for answering questions and answers related to cyber security. It will not be made available to the public.

Get accepted answer only

Up to 200 characters of excerpt

v1.0, dev.skas


A StackApp that uses this account to perform tasks related to Code Golf Stack Exchange's annual Best Of CGCC event. This app is not designed to be used by any account besides that one. (This post i…

PLACEHOLDER - NLN comment bot

This bot is going into beta as a proof of concept soon once a bug in ChatExtange (chat library I'm using) is fixed or a work around is solves. This bot will detect and auto-flag comments that may b…

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