A bot designed to seek out and provide feedback to moderators about potentially bad reviews.

Check it out

You can find it currently active in the SOBotics Room currently running under the user SpotDetector.


All code is licensed under GPL-3.0.


Written in Node.js, utilizing ChatExchange. You can find the source code on GitHub here.

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    SO mods: I have a userscript for pulling additional mod-only details for the users listed in the reports: DeletedReviewsReportHelper – Samuel Liew Jan 2 at 23:04
  • does this run on all sites or only SO? – Federico 2 days ago
  • @Federico Just SO for now. You interested in it for another site? – FrankerZ yesterday
  • Hi! we can move to a chatroom if you like. Yes, I wouldn't mind having it run on the site I moderate. I realize that we are a low-traffic, low-volume site, but the mod tools are a bit clunky in this department. – Federico yesterday
  • @Federico You pick the chatroom (Preferably where you want the bot to ultimately run at), and I'll join up – FrankerZ yesterday

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