Have you thought that most Questions were too boring or made too much sense?

Then this is perfect for you: Nonsense Questions and Answers based on every Stack Exchange site.

How good do you know the Stack Exchange sites? Try out the Quiz!


All code is licensed under GPL-3.0 and can be found here: https://github.com/Findus23/se-simulator All data on the site is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0

Check it out



This is an interactive website that allows voting for funny questions and answers.


I'm an astronomy student who writes (more or less useful) software in his free time. Check out https://lw1.at for more of my projects.


A python script uses the StackExchange datadump to create a Markov Chain based on every StackExchange site. (using the great markovify library).

All created data is saved into a MySQL-Database and used to create the website in Flask.

Hope you like it and find it as funny as I do.

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    "From a quick look at the National Cancer Institute's Division of Labor Statistics, the hearsay rule. In the case in the square of the Bimini Road." - se-simulator regarding if greeks driving affected whales. Commented May 1, 2018 at 19:58

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Can you please change the "NEXT" button color. Currently it looks like the button is disabled, can you change the color to green or better one..

Next button


Can you add a green to the votes to random questions on the whole questions list which are accepted by owner and add a checkmark on the accepted answer of question?

On the questions page:

Accepted (on questions page)

On 2nd accepted question from questions page:

Accepted (on the 2nd accepted question from questions page)

The accepted answer bumps to the top of the answers list unless it is the question asker's own answer, by the usual rule.

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