This Tampermonkey script adds options to StackOverflow to

  1. expand answer box
  2. expand code box
  3. resize code font size
  4. widen the entire page
  5. remove sidebar

Source: https://github.com/yodog/userscripts/blob/master/stackoverflow-code-box-options.user.js

Install: https://github.com/yodog/userscripts/raw/master/stackoverflow-code-box-options.user.js

Feedback much appreciated

Update: now its not necessary to refresh the page to apply the changes.
Update: added several other sites from the stack exchange network.

so-menu so-wide-screen

  • at the time i created the script i didn't know that i could disable the sidebar natively. that's why the option exists.
    – RASG
    Commented Aug 21, 2018 at 12:46


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