Stack Exchange Top Nav Choices ( install ) ( GitHub )

Top Nav Choices changes the new Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow top navigation based on the preferences you set. The preferences are accessed on your normal Stack Exchange preferences page1.

Default changed top navigation on Stack Overflow with dark theme, and inbox and achievements on the left and the help button added (all changes are options):
Default changed top navigation on Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow with stock light theme and different drop-down button placement:
SO light theme different drop-down placement

Default top navigation on Meta Stack Exchange:
Default top navigation Meta Stack Exchange

Available options:

  • Merge the Site Switcher with the site logo (on the left).
  • Dark Top-Navigation theme on Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow.
  • Sticky Top-Navigation (all sites with new navigation).
  • Adjust the top navigation height
  • Add the help button if it's not already displayed.
  • On Stack Overflow, show "Jobs" instead of "Developer Jobs".
  • Apply the selected height to sites other than Stack Overflow/Meta Stack Overflow.
  • Show the orange line along the top of the Top-Navigation on Stack Overflow/Meta Stack Overflow.
  • Narrow the space taken by "Questions", etc. on Stack Overflow/Meta Stack Overflow.
  • Change the position to left, right, or center for the drop-down menu buttons:
    • Inbox
    • Achievements
    • Reviews
    • Help
    • Site Switcher
    • Other (moderator tools?)
  • Adjust the spacing used for the "center" drop-down position.

Preferences example

Preferences example

Additional features / bugs

Please, feel free to open an issue if you desire an additional feature. You should, of course, also do so if you encounter a bug. Alternately, you can report bugs and make feature requests as comments or answers to this question.

Moderator tools

The "other" category should pick up the moderator tools. I'm not a moderator on any Stack Exchange site, so I'm unable to test it. I'm happy to update the script to have a explicit moderator tools drop-down button location selection. However, to do so I need either access to the top-nav HTML, or, at a minimum, the js-button class which is applied to the button (which should look like js-[something]-button) and the class applied to the drop-down (which should look something like [same something]-dialog). If they have that format, then I need to know the "something". If they don't have that format, I'm going to need the details. I also need to know if it's more than one drop-down button (appears to be so from screenshots). If the moderator tools are more than one drop down, I'm going to need the "something" for both.

Getting the code

Install from GitHub

This is a user-script, so you will need Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, or other user script manager.

The source code is on GitHub

Please file any issues there


You can contact me through Stack Exchange comments or chat. Alternately, through filing issues on GitHub.

Compatibility notes

Top Nav Choices has been tested on Chrome (Tampermonkey) and Firefox (Greasemonkey). It should be compatible with other browsers and user script managers.


Top Nav Choices' code is released under CC BY-SA 4.0, the international version of the license used for all contributions to Stack Exchange.

1. The URL for your preferences page is https://[Stack Exchange site]/users/preferences/[your user #]). You can get there by going to your profile page and selecting: Edit Profile & Settings (tab) ➞ Preferences (sidebar under "SITE SETTINGS"). The added preferences will show up on all stack exchange sites (except Area 51, which doesn't have preferences).

  • 2
    feature request: click once and move over to the other button to drop its menu down, like it was working originally Oct 11, 2017 at 3:37
  • 3
    also please add a setting to move the search input to the right of everything Oct 11, 2017 at 3:52
  • The moderator diamond in the toolbar should light up blue when the mod inbox receives a new message (e.g. due to a mod message or new question on meta) but it doesn't light up when using this userscript.
    – Null
    Oct 19, 2017 at 20:40
  • @Null, Thank you for reporting the issue. There was a general problem with the icons not changing color, which affected some of the icons. The most noticeable is the mod icon, because it doesn't also have a badge. That is resolved in the next version. Let me see if I actually get that version out quickly.
    – Makyen
    Oct 19, 2017 at 21:01
  • No rush to fix it. This is a nice userscript otherwise. Thanks!
    – Null
    Oct 19, 2017 at 21:06


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