Chatting on The Bridge using the bridge with ChatSecure for iOS

Console output of the script

You can use it to use chat on CLI too, with the help of profanity:

Note: You need to run /online when you login to enable relaying.

Chatting on The Bridge using the bridge with Profanity, running on GNU Screen in my Ubuntu Server, connected via SSH on my Arch Linux Laptop on second tmux tab

(Quick how to use: apt-get install profanity, profanity, /connect your-jid, /online, /msg the-bot's-jid)


Don't you hate having to swap between a ton of chat apps to talk with everyone? Now you can reduce that a bit!

XMPP is a secure and extensible standard with a ton of great clients.


The script itself is MIT licensed, but the libraries have other licenses themselves.

Download / Code

Download, clone or fork here.


The script should work under Linux and MacOS. I'm not so sure about Windows due to the use of make by ChatExchange.

XMPP clients are available for iOS (I recommend ChatSecure), Android (I recommend Conversations) and Windows, MacOS and Linux through Pidgin (or as I like to do, Conversations through Genymotiob).


If you have anything urgent, you can contact @Ave on The Bridge, but for non-urgent stuff, use Gitlab issues.

Word of warning

If you're using a client that tries to connect with OTR or OMEMO, it'll fail but the script will post the ?OTR commands to chat anyways, so you should probably force your XMPP client to plaintext.

  • Will this work as a WhatsApp bridge? May 26, 2017 at 5:04
  • @MisterGeeky technically yes.
    – ave
    May 26, 2017 at 6:46


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