Should there be more options for item_type in the "inbox" routes (they return inbox_item)?

Shouldn't they return answer and edit suggested like the site's global inbox does? As shown in this screenshot:

Site inbox has extra items

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1) Answer is already in the inbox_item object. Note the entry for item_type in the doc page:

one of comment, chat_message, new_answer, careers_message, careers_invitations, meta_question, post_notice, or moderator_message

new_answer is returned whenever a new answer is posted to one of the authenticated user's questions.

2) edit_suggested is returned as part of the notification object, which also returns:

    accounts_associated                 moderator_message
    badge_earned                        new_privilege
    bounty_expired                      post_migrated
    bounty_expires_in_one_day           profile_activity
    bounty_expires_in_three_days        registration_reminder
    bounty_grace_period_started         reputation_bonus
    edit_suggested                      substantive_edit

So, you have to call both one of the /inbox routes and one of the /notifications routes to get the same information that's in the Stack Exchange "inbox". But you normally want to do that anyway.

  • These are workarounds. Do you agree that there some deviation from the results shown in the website?
    – amit jha
    Commented Apr 12, 2016 at 17:27
  • 1
    Those are not workarounds, that's the way it is. Everything you asked for is already available, just classified slightly differently from the way the website currently does it. Almost no API in the world has a one-to-one matchup with the corresponding website (I'm not aware of any API's that do). Commented Apr 12, 2016 at 18:06

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