I've written a short Python script to help people review C and C++ questions on Code Review. It uses the API version 2.2.

I've already asked there for a review of that Python code, but I would like to also ask here if I'm using the API correctly and that neither I nor the code is doing anything that causes harm.
If there's a better way to ask this question, or there's documentation I should read, please let me know that, too.

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This isn't really a place to code-review your script, even if it uses the API.
Here is were you would publish your script1.

However, after a quick glance at the code, I don't see any glaring problems.
But, if you start making lots, or rapid, calls you will need to check and respect the backoff value and the quota_remaining value.

The API documentation is at api.stackexchange.com/docs.

1 You could also ask about specific problems with the API, or you could beg the community to write a Stack Exchange tool for you ().

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