I want to get questions related to a specific tag with the body of those questions. I have figure out this API request:


I want to specify two more things:

  • The number of returned questions, let's say 50 questions and

  • I don't want some attributes returned by the API such as owner, Can I exclude this field?


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In order to get 50 questions for every request you need to pass pagesize parameter to your request URL. When you pass this parameter, you will need to pass page parameter to fetch the following pages.

In order to exclude some attributes from the default set, you can use the "Try It" part of the documentation to create a filter for your specific purpose.

For example if you want to exclude owner from default filter you should be using !9bDQ0*xgY as your filter parameter.

In the end your request URL will look like http://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/questions?site=stackoverflow&pagesize=50&filter=!9bDQ0*xgY

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