I just want to get statistic data for specific tags which belong to a specific team. For example, for tags: "abc", I want to know how many users viewed the questions which have the "abc" tag.

Is there an existing Stack Overflow dashboard or API, so that I can get these metrics?

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You can use the /questions method, which allows filtering by tag:

To constrain questions returned to those with a set of tags, use the tagged parameter with a semi-colon delimited list of tags. This is an and constraint, passing tagged=c;java will return only those questions with both tags. As such, passing more than 5 tags will always return zero results.

The view_count is in the default filter, so you don't even need to adjust that. You might need to build some pagination logic, as the API will only return up to 100 results at a time (if you specify that as your pagesize).

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