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I want to fetch all my favorite questions on and dump them as JSON. I used this API path:


But it is returning some fields which are not required like upvote_count, downvote_count, and owner.
Can I use the API in such a way that it does not return these fields?

This is to make my API calls light -- decrease the response size -- to save bandwidth (and time, and quota).

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This is what custom filters are for.
For example, if you append &filter=!BGRhem4Z)WIti9lP55R*tgr(Jq_fHC to your query, above, you will get results without upvote_count, downvote_count, or owner information. (The first two aren't included by default anyway.)

An easy way to create a filter is to use the filter-edit tool, on the appropriate doc page for the path you are using. :

(Sample image of tool follows. It is not specific to this question)
Filter tool

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Awesome @Brock Adams..This is what I was looking for..Thanks a lot :) You made the day.. – blunderboy Jan 15 '14 at 4:30
You're welcome; glad to help! – Brock Adams Jan 15 '14 at 22:32

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