A Linux Mint Cinnamon Applet that checks Stack Overflow site and shows a notification popup when new questions (with one or several tags) are posted


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Cinnamon spices site

Stack Overflow Questions Notifier 1.0


On your Cinnamon based Linux Mint distro:

  1. Right click on your panel, click Add applets to the panel
  2. Click on Get more online tab
  3. Find Stackoverflow Questions Notifier, right click and Mark for installation
  4. Once installed add it to the panel
  5. Right click on the applet icon, click Configure, set the tags you're interested in and the frequency time, defaults values are: c, java, bash, javascript for tags and 5 minutes for time

If your prefer, you can run the following commands:

wget http://cinnamon-spices.linuxmint.com/uploads/applets/V9G9-E9F4-3SKP.zip -O tmp.zip
unzip tmp.zip -d ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/
# Execute this to bring the "Add applet" dialog box
cinnamon-settings applets add 

# Execute this to set the applet configuration
cinnamon-settings applets stackoverflow-questions-notifier@higuaro


This applet has been tested on Linux Mint Rebecca 17.1 with Cinnamon 2.4.6. Prior versions of Cinnamon hasn't been tested yet, so any feedback would be highly appreciated.


The MIT License (MIT)


JavaScript with support of some of the EcmaScript 6 features like let and conts, and wrappers around some of the libraries that Gnome 3 is built upon.

Repo: git clone https://github.com/higuaro/stackoverflow-questions-notifier.git

GitHub of the project


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