This simple userscript adds a clickable search button to the Stack Exchange top bar, as the only current way to search is to press enter, which can be confusing for some.

You can select one of two forms for the button.

  1. A link in the top bar (like "review," "help," etc.):


  2. A button (like "Post Your Answer"):


You will be prompted to choose one each time you visit a new Stack Exchange site: your preference is stored with HTML5 localStorage. If your browser doesn't support this, the default is the link format shown above.

You can reset your preference for a particular site at any time by clicking the "reset" link in the footer:


It was inspired by this post on Meta Stack Overflow.


You can download the script from Greasy Fork (Direct Link) or view the source code.


See the tag wiki for details on userscript installation.


See the Greasy Fork changelog.


Please post bug reports or feature requests on this page as an answer or comment.

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