This may seem like a bit of an unusual question at first but I'll try to explain where it's coming from. My PHP wrapper (Stack.PHP) offers a caching class that follows the guidelines in the API docs for each method (caching data from /sites for a minimum of 24 hours, etc.). /events requires authentication and therefore must be authorized by a specific user.

Does the data retrieved differ depending on the user authorizing the application? I'm guessing that it doesn't but if it does then my PHP wrapper probably shouldn't be caching the data.

Perhaps a better way of wording the question is like this: can data retrieved through the /events method be shared publicly or should it only be displayed to the user that granted access?

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No, the same data is returned for a call to /events regardless of the access token used.

This may change in a future release, but it's guaranteed for v2.0.

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