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Getting events from /events route live

The /events endpoint is incredibly useful. It provides recent data on useful topics, like posts, comments, and users. However, its full potential remains unavailable. At the time of posting, I would ...
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Which reputation events are private?

I've been reading the API documentation on retrieving a user's reputation history (docs/types/reputation-history) and Stack Overflow's description of how reputation is calculated. But, I can't find ...
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How can I filter events by event_type?

I am using the /events route in the API and it returns all events from Stack Overflow. But I want to filter based on event_type. Is there any way to do that?
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StackHose: live real-time event stream in your browser

About StackHose is a continuously updated stream of new content from Stack Overflow. It uses the Firehose JSON streaming event service to get a "push" stream of new event notifications. The newest ...
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Why does the /events service sometimes pause for a couple of minutes?

In developing the firehose service, I found that the /events API often "pauses" for a couple of minutes before resuming. Is this a known issue? Specifically, I am polling /events every 10 seconds ...
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Firehose JSON streaming event service

Code Snippet Using curl: $ curl or, in a browser, About This "firehose" ...
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Sorting the event stream

It seems like the data returned from the /events endpoint is flawed by being returned in descending order. For example: { "items": [ { "event_type": "comment_posted", "event_id": ...
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Is data retrieved from /events dependent on the access token used to retrieve it?

This may seem like a bit of an unusual question at first but I'll try to explain where it's coming from. My PHP wrapper (Stack.PHP) offers a caching class that follows the guidelines in the API docs ...
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