I am writing a python program with py-stackexchange that takes a query and returns a list of urls to questions with that query in the title.

Here's the code:

#!c:/Python27/python.exe -u
import sys

import stackexchange
so = stackexchange.Site(stackexchange.StackOverflow)

def getLinkList(qry):
    qs = so.search(intitle=qry)
    retList = []

    for q in qs:

    return retList

The problem is, the qry string must appear verbatim in the title of the question, and I want it to return questions that are the closest to the qry string as possible (highest number of similar words), sort of like a search engine for questions.

Is there a way to do this?

  • You might find, now that version 1.1 of the API has been released, that the /similar method might suit your needs (api.stackoverflow.com/1.1/usage/methods/similar). You can access this in Py-StackExchange with the site.similar() method; just remember to update the library to a recent version. Feb 14, 2011 at 17:33

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No, you can't do it because py-stackexchange is a library based on SE API that does not provide that kind of search.
You should use Google API search instead.

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