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When copying the application key, please keep in mind that the parentheses are actually part of the key, even if they are the only non-alphanumeric characters in it:


This is related to the lifecycle of a Stack Exchange site; most new sites start as private betas, become public betas and eventually graduate to a regular site. There's also a value closed_beta, as documented here. normal: this is the default state. Beta sites end up here after they've graduated, before they get a design but not upon losing the beta label ...


It's hard to prove a negative, but there's no way to get the number of flags remaining for your account via the API. The API will simply not allow you to flag anything if you're out of flags (or flag-banned). The only feasible option is to allocate a certain number of flags per day to your bot, or alternatively, use a different account for it. You wouldn't ...


No; the answer object doesn't contain any information about the question except the question ID. I'm not sure how you obtain the answer IDs, but you could investigate if it's possible to look for active questions instead (a new answer makes the question active again) and fetch both question and answer information at once; the question object contains the ...

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