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Tools that help with tags, or issues with the API handling of tags.

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Please add the `tagged` parameter to /answers, /users, etc

The /questions endpoint supports a tagged parameter which I find quite useful. However, it's the only route that appears to support this parameter. If, say, I want to get questions asked by a given ...
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The answer object returns an empty array for tags

Since version 2.1, the answer object has a field called tags. However, sometimes, an empty array or even nothing is returned in this field: Example with the filter !-*f(6t0Vk01e. Am I doing ...
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Should status-review be made a mod tag?

On most other meta sites, status-review is a moderator tag, however on stack apps (which is it’s own meta) it is not a moderator tag. Since there is no status-review moderator tag on stack apps, ...
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1 answer

Search for answers/comments under questions with certain tags using the Stack Overflow API?

The advanced search (/search/advanced) API can search for questions by tags. But /users/{ids}/answers API doesn't take tags. I'd like to monitor answers/comments for questions with certain tags. Is ...
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1 answer

Getting questions that have a specific tag or tags?

In the current API (2.1 and 2.2), how do you get questions that have a specific tag or tags? EG: All Stack Overflow questions asked in the past 2 months tagged 'ruby'? All Stack Overflow questions ...
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Burninator toolkit

Please note, the tag burninator script requires 10k rep to use. Sorry, noobs! I pass on to you, dear taxonomist terrorists, the burninator toolkit. This toolkit consists of two user scripts which, ...
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1 answer

List all tags in use on stackoverflow

I am trying to list all tags used on stackoverflow here: and I cannot seem to list all. How do I do it?.
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6 votes
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The tagged parameter does not work with multiple tags

Take these two API calls:;rant;rant A couple of problems: Shouldn't they return the same ...
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How to quickly retag a question from the API?

I'm playing with the write API, and I'd like to simply retag a question. This is the code I have so far: $editURL = '' . $question->{"question_id"} . '/...
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1 answer

How to calculate users, who have posted (question/answer) using specific tag?

For example, if I want to know the number of users who asked and answered about PHP. Currently, I can just get the list of questions and its total number, but it's not enough, because one user could ...
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1 answer

Tagged parameter not working as described in documentation

In the documentation it is reported that the tagged parameter in the request URL should work like this: tagged - a semicolon delimited list of tags, of which at least one will be present on all ...
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1 answer

Possible to get more than 5 tags for /search? Or to use or-logic, for tags, in /questions?

This is the query I want to run: /2.1/search?pagesize=100&page=1&order=desc&sort=creation&tagged=linux,ubuntu,bash,linux-mint,mint,linux-distributions,linux-distro,archlinux,&site=...
1 vote
1 answer

How to get tags using the API?

I have a requirement in my application to show the technical skills (tags) in auto-complete format like Stack Overflow has. Is there any example to get the tags from Stack Overflow using JavaScript +...