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Indicates that the issue will be reviewed in the future, or that a change in functionality is being delayed until a future date.

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Please include Flag Weight in User API

Flag Weight is visible to everyone. It would be great if that info included in API /users/{ID} result.
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Can we have an Owner Name value in Question, Answer, and Comment?

If a post has no owner for whatever reason, we don't get the owner object in the response. Thus, it is impossible to display the username of the missing owner. The site is able to do this, so we ...
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Greatest Hit questions data/route in API

Can we get access to the greatest hits functionality of the websites? Something like /questions/hits, and with an id (as in user ID) parameter to match the website. Maybe in version 2.1? This data ...
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Why does the 'Apps' tab show hot questions and the 'Scripts' tab high scoring questions?

The Stack Apps homepage has two unique tabs which are not present on other sites: Apps and Scripts. There is a slight difference between the two, which is visible upon hovering: That's right, the '...
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