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OBSOLETE - Stack Apps Listing Wizard - Making it easier to list your application right here on Stack Apps

Screenshot About Listing an application here on Stack Apps can be a lot of work. First you have to visit this question and copy the markdown. Some of those fields don't apply to UserScripts and some ...
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Make active tab default on StackApps

This script changes the logo link to the active tab and redirects from the home page to it on StackApps. If you want to see the list of apps, you can still do this by clicking the apps tab. Made by ...
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Guidelines on app and library thumbnails

We now have better, user-friendlier display for apps and libraries and scripts: We infer a number of things ...
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Crew for Exchange 2.0 (Full iOS native client)

My all-new app Crew 2.0 is NOW AVAILABLE 🥳 Crew 2.0 was rebuilt entirely from the ground up, and today's update is a crazy one. A completely revamped user interface, powerful markdown rendering, new ...
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Are these images really necessary?

In the homepage (mobile phone) there's a huge image on the left side of each question: But are they really necessary? Should we remove them? The images seem unrelated to the questions themselves. ...
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How to get write_access to comment/answer on Stack Exchange

I'm trying to integrate the Stack Exchange API into my web app so I can fetch all posts as well as I can post answer or comments on them. I have successfully got access_token for no_expiry and ...
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Pluralisation bugs in /apps/oauth

In the Manage your applications page, if 1 user has authorized and has been given an access token, the site shows 1 users instead of user: In addition, if you have one application, it shows 1 ...
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How much traction does your StackApp get?

How much traction (in terms of for instance sessions per day) does your Stack App get? What have you done to spread the word about your app? My experience from my first Stack App (StackRating) is ...
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Does Stackoverflow track what specific user is searching for..?

Does Stackoverflow track what specific user is searching for..? is that data available through APIs provided..?
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Requesting Assistance for OAuth Implementation in the Stack Overflow API

I'm attempting to set up OAuth in the Stack Overflow API. I've created a Stack App and obtained the Client ID and Client Secret. However, I'm encountering difficulties in the process and require ...
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Having Trouble Setting Up OAuth for App

I am trying to build an app but I can't get the authentication right. I have been following the steps here: I keep getting the below error no matter ...
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How to automate StackApp user approve and user login with stack Exchange explicit oAuth2.0

We are developing an stack App and integrating the app in our application. However we have successfully done a POC over POSTMAN and fiddler for explicit oAuth2.0. Now when we are integrating the same ...
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How is the Hot Apps and Libraries list determined?

I was wondering how the Top Apps / Hot Apps and Libraries list is determined. It currently looks like this (click to enlarge): I've tried to compare it with the list of questions tagged app, both the ...
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Please add gallery thumbnails to this site's search results

I would like to link to a list of all my stuff, but I'd like it to display with thumbnails and excerpts (like it does on tag searches). Is this possible? It seems like a reasonable use case, but for ...
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Can we have the usage pages linked to the side bar?

The usage page for the API used in the blog is a very good reference of the current API methods, and slightly better then the current documentation link in the FAQ. Would it at all be possible to ...
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