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Questions about searching via the API, typically using the /search method.

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How to search answers like is:answer

How can I use the API to search for answers containing particular text or with particular properties? For example, this link allows me to search for is:answer foo, that is, answers containing foo. Can ...
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2 answers

The /search route is ignoring the answers parameter.

The answers parameter was recently added to most of the requests that return a list of questions. See: Don’t include answers in question lists by default It looks like the /search request got left ...
11 votes
2 answers

Finding a user given their (exact) display name

For my app, I allow people to "register" themselves on my site by typing in their Stack Overflow (etc) name. Now it does allow you to use your ID if you know it, but I find that typing in usernames is ...
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Script to add a "Related Tags" module for search on all Stack Exchange sites

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Back in May A.Danesh asked "How can I see related tag for a search query?". I didn't actually see this question at the time but by September I started wondering the ...
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Parameter `tagged` in `search/advanced` seems to use `AND` instead of `OR`

It seems that search/advanced has the same problem as in "The tagged parameter does not work with multiple tags" question. When I select c#; .net I only get results tagged both c# and .net: http://...
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Paging fails at 10K items for /search on any site but Stack Overflow

There's a problem with requesting more than 10,000 items. With Stack Overflow it works just fine. But with Super User, Server Fault, etc. no items are returned for requests for items after the 10,...
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Why is there a difference between "questions" and "search" in API?

I have a query to find the number of questions tagged java from 2012-08-01 to 2013-08-01. Running this using both /questions and /search produces different results:
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Advanced search doesn't return expected results when using min & max (dates) together?

I want to use the Advanced Search API to get the same results as the Stack Overflow site search. With it, I can see new questions on 11/10/2015. When I tried to craft a query using the Advanced ...
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Possible to get more than 5 tags for /search? Or to use or-logic, for tags, in /questions?

This is the query I want to run: /2.1/search?pagesize=100&page=1&order=desc&sort=creation&tagged=linux,ubuntu,bash,linux-mint,mint,linux-distributions,linux-distro,archlinux,&site=...
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Is there a SQL-like query for the API?

I've looked at the API docs. However, I haven't found a way to do complex queries through the API such as I can do in the Stack Exchange Data Explorer query editor (select, joins etc). Example: data....