Is there someplace that we can find notifications of API changes? I noticed today that a new property has been added to user along with a couple new method (and maybe other changes). Is there an RSS feed or similar notification system to let us know when and what changed in the API? Because of the way I wrote my library, it broke with the new updates. I can (and a good chance is that I will) change the way my api works, but it would be nice to know when changes happen, because I dont think checking the documentation daily is a good method

  • Nope (code poet's SOAPI-WATCH works in a pinch). Remember that this is still in beta, so there are changes going out daily. Not all of them are breaking, but still. Expect an announcement when we hit "interface freeze," and a subsequent one when we're out of beta. – Kevin Montrose Jun 16 '10 at 20:38

May be you just looking for code poet's SOAPI-WATCH?

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