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Questions tagged [java]

Accompanies [app]s written in, or [library]s meant to be used from, the Java programming language

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Stack Exchange Java client library

Sample Code /** * The following will print out the current stats for the * Stack Overflow site ( */ public class Example { public static void main(String[] args) { ...
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SOCharts: Charts by Tags

Screenshot I created this small app as a weekend hack. It shows the reputations, upvotes, downvotes and accepted answers for a user against the tags for the answers. About I wanted to know how many ...
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OBSOLETE - Stacklipse - Eclipse plugin preview

Obsolete. This plugin is for/uses a decommissioned version of the API. About Stacklipse is an eclipse plugin that utilizes Stack Apps API to provide a search view in Eclipse. Currently just provide a ...
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OBSOLETE - RoboStack: A Google Wave robot for the Stack Exchange API

OBSOLETE - Google Wave doesn't exist anymore. Screenshot / Code Snippet For a video snapshot visit About Unlike a Jabber/XMPP robot, this application is a Google ...
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CareerStack - An Android app to search Stack Overflow Careers from your mobile or tablet

Screenshots About Powered by Stack Overflow Careers' RSS feed, CareerStack is an Android app to search & share job listings easily from any Android device. Users can search by: ...
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Is it OK to have a test account for a developing client?

I'm currently trying to implement an agorava component for Stackoverflow, and for testing purpose, i would like to create a test account, which would have one question asked, and would maybe send ...
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Java Wrapper for the 2.2 API

I've been looking for a Java based API/wrapper/DAO for the new SE API 2.2. but could not find any (May very well be a limitation of my search skills, though.) I found references to attempts at ...
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Trying to get Stack Overflow Access token Using "RestAssured"

I have been trying to create an access token for a Stack Exchange app (already created). I am not even sure if I am using the correct URL RestAssured....
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