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Questions tagged [icons]

For questions about the icons of the sites in the Stack Exchange network and/or the icon attributes as found in the type site as returned by the /sites endpoint

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0 answers

Greyscale MSE Favicon

This userscript is obsolete now that the icon has been changed to something entirely more sensible. It is preserved below for posterity, and also so I can keep the 60 rep you all graciously gave me ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Old [M]SO Favicon

About April 3, 2014. The favicon for Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow is changed. Much whining ensues. This script changes them back. License The MIT License Download Userscript Platform ...
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0 answers

Application icon on authorization page isn't loading

I can't seem to get the application icon for Stack Applet to display on the authorization page. (I'm using the implicit flow.) The URL that I open the browser to is:
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