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For questions related to the use of https with the API or other TLS related site interaction problems

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Use HTTPS urls for site logos returned by the API

Currently, the API returns resources like this: "high_resolution_icon_url": "", "favicon_url": "
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SSL handshake error after Stack Overflow back on - anything related to SSL certification changed?

I'm building a Stack Overflow app for BlackBerry10. Earlier today (Feb 16, 2014), Stack Overflow was down and after it came back up my app starts to have this issue. My app works fine when it's in LTE,...
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TLS security warnings from

Each time an API request is made over HTTPS, Firefox generates the following message in the error console: Curious, I looked up RFC 5746 and the document covers the following: Transport Layer ...
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Secure OAuth pages contain insecure content.

I noticed that some of the OAuth pages use insecure content (http:// content on an https:// page): I'm not sure how easy this is to fix but it could potentially scare off some users who don't ...
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