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Questions tagged [golang]

Applications or libraries using Google's Go programming language

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PLACEHOLDER - My Exciting SX API Experimentation

I'm just starting to experiment with the stack apps api. Mostly, I'm looking at writing some content discovery tools, but it's possible I'll want some form of write access.

GraphQL Stack Overflow API endpoint W.I.P

Currently a GraphQL endpoint is available here, meant to facilitate apps wanting to query data from StackExchange but with the GraphQL spec. High speed, built with go and hosted on Azure. Source co…

go-sechat - Go package for interacting with the Stack Exchange chat network

The Stack Exchange chat network does not currently have an API. However, after spending a bit of time in Chrome's Inspector, I was able to reverse-engineer most of the requests and responses travel…

George the Dev - Making Conversation in the Chat Rooms

George the Dev is a chat bot for the Stack Exchange network of chat sites. He currently hangs out in the Sandbox and is capable of understanding a few commands and those commands resemble a natura…