Currently a GraphQL endpoint is available here, meant to facilitate apps wanting to query data from StackExchange but with the GraphQL spec. High speed, built with go and hosted on Azure. Source code is here and welcoming contributions! Here's an example of a relay-based cursor query!

query usersPagination {
  allUsersCursor(first: 50, after: "MjAyNzU=", where: {order: {field: reputation, order: DESC}}) {
    pageInfo {
    edges {
      node {

You can do cool stuff with GraphQL, like build an entire Q&A page on Stack Overflow with a single query.

As this thing gets built out, I think there's a ton of potential for consumers. For example, with minimal code you could add the ability to search for unanswered questions & build something around that...

Right now it is in P.O.C mode and only serving data from anime.stackexchange.com while the GraphQL schema gets implemented fully.

Screenshot / Code Snippet:

enter image description here

Heres a pic of the GraphQL playground.

Download / Install:

This can be run as a docker image or from source. Running instructions can be found here.


Sai Nimmagadda

Twitter: @Funsaized

Web: s11a.com

License: MIT

What license is your app/library/wrapper/script released under, if any? Or if it is paid, how much does it cost and how do we buy it?


Written with Go, deployed on Azure. Source code and contributions welcome here!

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    Just imported health.stackexchange.com data into the DB and it serves that flawlessly! pretty cool if you ask me ... @StackOverflow why don't y'all build this with me ;)
    – Funsaized
    Commented Dec 22, 2020 at 17:44


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