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Stack Overflow Extras (SOX)

SOX v2.8.0 Stack Overflow Extras (SOX) is a project that stemmed from the Stack Overflow Optional Features (SOOF) project. The SOX userscript adds a bunch of optional features to all sites in the ...
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SE Chat Modifications -- Keyboard navigation and commands for chat

Screenshot Use /command shortcuts to perform common chat tasks: See message history inline: Easily preview replied-to messages: And much, much more... About Legends tell of a prolific Meta Stack ...
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Dude, where's my cursor?

About This user script makes it easier to edit long questions and answers by doing the following things: It constrains the height of the Markdown preview to 500 pixels by default, so you can see the ...
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Google Chrome Chat MathJax Extension

Love typesetting? Then i bet you know exactly what MathJax is, but if you don't already know, MathJax is a javascript-based implementation of LaTeX that is compatable with a few different sets of ...
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How can a userscript detect when a post's been edited in place, so that it can do stuff to the newly edited post?

I recently built a userscript for Board Games Stack Exchange. On page load, it scans questions and answers for certain plaintext patterns and replaces them with some HTML, making the posts prettier. ...
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A userscript collects all useful userscript?

Although I can code, I don't really want to code if it's not relevant to my work. I love using userscripts, but spending time digging the repository makes me tired. Do you have a "super"-userscript ...
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Mark a flag as helpful with a message

Sparked by this comment Strictly-speaking, any moderator can leave a message along with Helpful, @Bill - there's just no UI for it. The following bookmarklet, when clicked after loading the mod ...
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Comment Separator Fix

This fix is now included in the Stack Overflow Unofficial Patch (SOUP) v1.20.0 About We have this nicely formatted toolbar with all of the moderation tools we need below questions: So, why is it ...
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Incremental Markdown Preview for Stack Exchange

Incremental Markdown Preview is a user script that modifies the Stack Exchange live Markdown preview pane to minimize the number of HTML elements that need to be replace every time the preview is ...
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Using StackEx as a prefix for the name of my app?

According to trademark guidance: [...] Including one of the terms, "Stack" or "Exchange" or "Overflow" in your product name is generally okay. I'd like to use "...
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