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Column 80 - Plain Text optimised Stack Exchange

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Browsing the existing Stack Exchange family of websites was OK in a text-based browser, but when you're stuck in a Linux shell with no way out and no other computers ...
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Stackoverflow as an app on Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone 7?

Do you know of an app for Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone 7 that let me use and hast most (if not all) features of the site itself. Maybe there is one currently in development? ...
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Where is the usage documentation?

I know this is probably a dumb question, but there's a bunch of documentation and I don't know what to do with this stuff. How do you use the API?
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How your app[s] is going?

Do you mind to share your current experience with your live app[s]? Are you still working/updating it? Are you getting traffic/popularity? Got some good review/link from some big fish? In ...
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What's the etiquette for answers/comments on an app "question"?

Since everything I list below could be acceptable when there is so much to discuss, is there an accepted etiquette to what "answers" should address in relation to app "questions"? ...
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Does Stack Apps have some special rep and Community Wiki modifications?

I have posted a "question" (actually an app) on Stack Apps, and received two upvotes on it. Each gave me 10 reputation. This runs counter to every other Stack Exchange site - and, indeed, the Stack ...
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How to license applications?

I registered on few days ago. I have written several applications that I want to place on this site. But I have a question -- how can I license my applications?
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Alternative to official app?

I started using the Stack exchange app, but realized it was abandoned and just plain sucks. Now that I abandoned it though, I really miss push notifications and having all 8 sites I'm active in one ...
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Ideas for dealing with this pagination problem?

Okay, here is the problem: Certain questions contain more than one page's worth of answers. Given a sort method and an answer id, how can we figure out which page the answer is on? Any suggestions ...
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Clarification on StackApps "App" vs "Script"

Pursuant to a chat conversation there's some clarification needed on what it means for a stackapp to be an app or a script. I'm posting this for the community and for future searchers and as a bit of ...
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Script to keep mobile-view active

As you probably know SE is moving to the responsive view on there website meaning everything will look like the desktop kinda. Same with mobile devices. I’m new to SE for about 20 days, and I like the ...
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How the apps-libraries will be judged for the contest?

Do you know how the apps-library will be judged in term of awesomeness? Is there something more official than Jeff Atwood's contest post on the blog?
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Would it be possible (in a future API release) to combine queries?

I've been doing a lot of work on StackMobile lately and I made the following observation: Many of the pages (especially the ones that display a user's profile) make a number of requests to display ...
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