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Stack Exchange API Contest (Completed in August 2010). This is for questions about or entries therein.

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When does the judging take place?

I am planning to work some more on my apps tomorrow and get some last minute changes implemented. However, I notice that: The API Contest winners will be picked the first week of August. ...which ...
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How will the popularity of hosted apps be determined?

In the contest blog post: We will look at the number of requests for your API key. Was your application used by a lot of people? Or at least a reasonable amount? How does this work for apps ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Getting required upvotes for apps tab is too dependant on release date

I have recently released a chrome extension and it is at present getting about 3 upvotes a week. Not as many as hoped, but still not bad. However, this may not be enough to get it into the apps tab (...
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Will there be another contest when Stack API 2.0 is close to release?

Considering Stack API 2.0 will probably focus a lot on administration and write features, I think it would be a good idea to have another contest.
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How the apps-libraries will be judged for the contest?

Do you know how the apps-library will be judged in term of awesomeness? Is there something more official than Jeff Atwood's contest post on the blog?
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2 answers

Date that the contest ends

I hoped I wouldn't have to ask this, but after the sudden 0.9 release, it might be good to confirm... Will there be at least a week's notice (preferably 2) given of the contest ending? The ...
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Will there be a "last call" when the API is about to be released?

I understand the contest ends when version 1.0 of the API will be released, but will there be any indication when this time comes? So that you know you can allocate one last weekend for final fixes?
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Building an app using a wrapper

To be considered for the contest must our app use 100% self made code or can we use someones wrapper.
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